High precison machined Tantalum and Niobium Metal parts made by our XHL715 hard rail machining centers

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XHL715 hard rail machining centers is X, Y, Z-axis servo-Direct semi-closed loop control vertical machining center, three-axis rail and divided into hard (optional: linear guides), with the guide load large, wide span, high precision, structure and reasonably compact dimensions, the spindle servo motor through the belt drive. Can achieve a variety of disc-type, plate type, shell, cams, molds and other complex parts in a single setup, to be completed by drilling, milling, boring, expanding, hinges, rigid tapping and other machining processes, suitable for multi-species, small batch production, to meet the complex, high-precision parts processing. It can be equipped with a fourth axis of rotation in order to meet the processing requirements of special parts.

 Here we would like to show a portion of high precison machined Tantalum and Niobium Metal parts made by our XH715 hard rail machining centers for your enjoyment. 










Research in the area of sputtering Target

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Changsha is now investing much of energy into the research of high level tantalum and niobium targets. A special researching team have been established, also we have bring in a new equipment Electron Backscattered Diffraction(EBSD) which we can use to check the Folding texture and misorientation analysis, Analysis of folded grain size and shape, Analysis of grain boundaries, subgrain and twin properties. 

And we have established the researching relationship with Materials Research Institute of Central South University which is the NO 1 in the area of China material reserch. Till now we have already achieved very good result in the research. For the normal sputtering targets, we are now quite experienced in controling the grain size from 20μ~100μ. More and More customers come to use our targets.