Group Training on Effective Communication

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On Oct 25 2017 afternoon, Changsha south tantalum niobium had a group training about effective communication in the meeting room.

All the employees actively joined the the training and created a good learning atmosphere. Each member was free to talk about the problems, questions, troubles, good ideas and so on during the communication with the family members, friends, colleagues, leaders, boss and so on.

An authoritative statistic shows that apart from sleeping time, more than 80% of our time is spent on communication. Bad communication, no matter what form it takes, can lead to waste of time and resources. The effective communication undoubtedly is one of the keys during the enterprise leadership and development.

.Through the training, we further learned what is the communication, the goal of communication, the main form of communicating and the key of effective communication. Which is helpful for us to find out why communication is blocked and how to achieve effective communication on our working and daily life. More and more precision and high quality of tantalum, niobium Wire/Bar/Rod/Tube/Pipe/Sheet/Foil/Strip/Target/Flange Parts will be created by the hand of CSNFTN’s skilled craftsmen. Tommorrow of Changsha south tantalum niobium co.,ltd must be better and better.


Improvement on the Wire Drawing Process

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  Due to the requirement of the wire products (Tantalum wire, Niobium wire, Nb1Zr alloy wire) keep rising in the market, CSTN now put more attention on the improvement of wire drawing process.

Firstly CSTN has invested heavily in improving the equipment,including introducing new equipmentand also adjusting and improving the existedequipments. At the same time, some professional experts has been brought in, most of them have many years of experience in the wire drawing area. This would help the improvement to be done effectively.

After continuous improvements and tests, CSTN has already solved the main problem on the wire drawing process.

  At present, CSTN can control the toleranceon the diameter under +/- 0.01mm,even  +0.01/-0mm or +0/-0.01mm, also with a quite good surface. This helpCSTN reach the world's leading level in the field of wire material.

  Nb1Zr wire is mostly used in the lighting area.In the past, the content of Zr was quite unsteady. After the improvement, the problem has been solved, the content of Zr has been strictly controlled under 0.9~1.1%Also there are some special requirements from different customers, it is not a problem for CSTN, who can try to meet the requirements after some adjustment.

  Now the quality of the wire has been controlled quite steady, after several testing orders, CSTN are now becoming the long-time supplier of some big customers, meanwhile the capacity of the wire has been increased to about 1.5tons per month.