The Anti-Flood Heroes of Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Company

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 Several Days of heavy rain caused Liuyang River level rising. On 8 O’clock 20 minites P.M. of July 1st , Ganshengwan dam of Liuyang River at Gansheng Village, Huangxing Town, Changsha County was facing the risk of dike failure. Under the call and the organization of Huangxing Town Government and Huangxing town Party committee, the local communist comrades, villagers and nearby groups actively involved in the front-line of flood fighting. Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co., Ltd also immdediately arranged factory staffs to Join in the flood fighting team at the first time of getting the notice. As per the pre-arranged planning, each devision did great job on his duties, the dam was reinforced and the flooding risk was under control gradually.

This is the worst flood since year 1998 happened to Huangxing Town. All Huangxing Peoples worked hard to protect their hometowm from flooding, some of them even 2 or 3 days and nights without sleeping at the river bank. Under the good cooperation and efforts of everyone including Armed police officers, Government official, Enterprises, Communities, Villagers and so on, the flood didn’t cause big loss to people and the post disaster reconstruction is carried out in good order.

Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Staffs ignored the hardship and tiredness, presented their heroes’ role in this Anti-Flood Actitity. With this spirit, South tantalum niobium people have produced high-quality tantalum and niobium products (Wire/Bar/Rod/Tube/Pipe/Sheet/Foil/Strip/Target/Nut/Bolt/Screw/Crucible/Pellet/Flange and precision machining parts as per  the drawing) with best selling at home and abroad. 


Seeper on the road, farmland and the rising river surface.


South Tantalum Niobium well organized during flood prevention working


South Tantalum Niobium sent food and water to the affected people to support post disaster reconstruction and work hand in hand with them to tide over difficulties.

CSTN Well Shown On The Civil-Military Inosculation Exhibition of Hunan

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       Hunan Province Promotion-consortium of further civil-military inosculation and development was held in Changsha on Jun.13th,2017. A large group of military big shots from relevant State Council, military enterprises, and scientific research academy attended the meeting to share experience and answer queries. Du Jiahao, the Secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee and the Director of Hunan Provincial People's Congress; Xu Dazhe, the Deputy Secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee and the Governor of Hunan Province; and Zhang Kejian, the deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the State Administration of Sicence, Technology and Industry for National Defense, attended the meeting and made speech.

       Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co.Ltd, as one of the private enterprises representatives who joined the Military projects, participated in the exhibition. Our delicate tantalum and niobium products, including sheets, targets, seamless tubes, rods, wires and parts were well shown on it. The Provincial leadership and military representatives visited our booth and were very interested in our company and products. 

       As the biggest manufacturer of tantalum and niobium products in China, Changsha South Tantalum Niobium Co.Ltd(CSTN) will adhere to the road of professional and refining development and constantly improve the independent creative ability, further contributing to the civil-military inosculation and development in Hunan and the whole tantalum and niobium industry.